Allergies can be a problem for your dog all year but are usually more common in the Spring.  The retreat of the cold and snow gives rise to heat, humidity, and pollen. With all these atmospheric changes comes an increased risk of allergies, a rash caused by irritants that come in to contact with a dog’s skin. Allergies are one of the most common complaints that North American veterinarians receive concerning skin problems in pets. Itchy Dog was developed in response to the demand for a natural way to help dogs with skin, coat & allergy issues.  It uses natural plant and algae ingredients like plant polyphenols and spirulina, along with other beneficial ingredients, to help ease symptoms associated with skin problems.

Antioxidants support skin & coat health, especially vitamin E, which is found in many products designed for dogs. What makes Itchy Dog unique is it has ingredients not found in other products.  Plant polyphenols contain oligomeric proanthocyanidin (OPC Antioxidant), which are known for their health and antioxidant effects. OPCs are found in several plant extracts you may already use to keep yourself healthy, including pomegranate, green tea, cranberries or turmeric/curcumin.  These beneficial polyphenols can help keep your dog more comfortable during allergy season and keep its skin healthy.

  Spirulina is another natural ingredient with benefits for allergies and skin & coat health. It is a cyanobacterium that has become a well-known superfood associated with a large host of benefits, particularly its antioxidant effect and ability to help your dog minimize the negative impact of allergens.

By utilizing plant and algae ingredients like OPC antioxidants and spirulina, in addition to other antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids (EFAs), and minerals, Itchy Dog helps to naturally lessen the burdens of skin problems without the harsh side effects associated with other treatments. These ingredients can help keep your dog comfortable during allergy season and support optimum skin and coat health all year.

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