About Us

A letter from the President

We at ZoomDog enjoy spending time with our dogs. All dogs are wonderful company, no matter how big or small, purebred or a mixed breed. We have a special place in our heart for working dogs such as sporting, hunting, dock jumping, search & rescue, service and police dogs. We cherish everything about working & sporting dogs – their fortitude, tenacity, drive, stamina, devotion, loyalty, successes and failures. I am lucky to have owned several good dogs. When my dogs entered their twilight years, there was nothing I wouldn’t have done to extend their life and time I spent with them, including the hunting seasons we enjoyed together.

Working, hunting and sporting dogs live a very vigorous life with a lot of physical demands. We realize the toll this takes on their bodies and the needs they have that normal dogs don’t. With over twenty-five years of experience developing effective animal supplements for veterinarians worldwide, we have developed these unique formulas especially for active working & sporting dogs. Our products help your dogs to be at their best in the field and on the water.

Your dog doesn't need to be a working, hunting or sporting breed to be a ZoomDog. Our products are helpful for all breeds and sizes of dogs. Many ZoomDogs are family pets who enjoy weekend hikes or playing with children in the backyard. I hope you will try our products and learn how they can help your special dog be happier and healthier throughout its life.

Neal A. Lynch
Proud owner of ZoomDogs Sugar and Maximus
President of ZoomDog® Supplements


About Us

We are passionate about your dogs because of how much we love our own dogs. We understand the relationship you have with your companions, the work they do, and the unwavering affection that they give to us. Our ZoomDogs are General Maximus and rescue Sugar.


General Maximus came to us by way of adoption. He loves to hunt, whether it is upland birds, ducks, geese in the field or an early dove hunt. He never wavers; always the consummate, strong hunter. 


Sugar is our rescue Pointer. She is the third English Pointer that has found their way into our life. We have been fortunate to adopt such a wonderful English Pointer. We would like to thank all the dog rescues for the lives they save, and we will continue to actively support them. Thank you to American Pointer Rescue, Pointer Rescue, Great Plains Pointer Rescue, Texas GSP Rescue and all rescues across the country. We would also like to mention the volunteers that work so hard in order for these organizations to not only exist, but to thrive while making a difference in so many dogs’ lives.


Another important ZoomDog in our life was Fargo's Gulf Coast Jackson, "Jack."

Jackson, after winning three Crown Championships, came to live with us when he retired. We had thought he would live out those carefree days at Castile Creek Kennels. However, through Lyle Steinman’s astute knowledge of what is best for dogs, Jack found his way into our home. Jackson always maintained that persistent tenacity that made him a champion. He continued to have an active lifestyle throughout his senior years.

Fargo's Gulf Coast Jackson, "Jack."
We completely understand your feelings towards your own dogs. We will continue with our hard work to provide you with the highest quality products to keep your dogs healthy and active throughout all of their years with you.

-Team ZoomDog

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